Creating a rDNS entry in the VPS Control Panel

You may make rDNS changes by performing the following steps:

1.) Log into the SolusVM control panel at Your Mean Servers welcome email will contain the information you need to login to SolusVM.

2.) Click the Manage button next to your VPS containing the IP addresses you would like to make the rDNS entries for.

3.) Scroll down the page and click the Network tab. A list of IP addresses will be shown along with current rDNS entries made through SolusVM if applicable.

4.) To add a rDNS entry, simply click the current rDNS entry or [Edit] if this is the first time you are making an entry.

5.) A popup will appear, please enter the setting you wish to save and click Update.

6.) Wait for the main screen to update after the popup closes, a success message should appear.

7.) If you have additional rDNS entries to make, please repeat steps 4 through 7 until completed. If you need to change the rDNS for IP addresses assigned to a different VPS, be sure to click Virtual Servers at the top of the page and start from Step 2.

rDNS may take up to 24 hours to propagate fully so please be patient. Mean Servers will NOT under any circumstances make rDNS entries for unmanaged VPS clients, this is an automated, self-help process to reduce support time for clients that have real support needs and reduce overhead costs. Opening a ticket requesting rDNS services for a VPS service that is unmanaged will result in a $50 administrative fee and referral back to this KB article.

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