RPKI & New IP Announcements for Customers with BGP Sessions

Mean Servers is pleased to announce that our RPKI rollout has reached the final stage and is now complete. All customers announcing IP address ranges are now required to have a valid RPKI/ROA for any space announced via their ASN or from our ASN, AS32931. Those with an unknown state will no longer be announced or accepted for future announcement. ... Read More »

4th Apr 2021
Looking Glass Returns

Mean Servers is pleased to announce the return of our looking glass after much demand, maintenance and a well-needed facelift. Our new looking glass includes features such as showing route information and other BGP related functions in addition to ping and traceroute. Both IPv4 and IPv6 have been enabled. Take our new looking glass for a spin, ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2021
Erroneous Invoices 10/06/2020

At approximately 13:25PM on 10/06/2020 we experienced an error with our billing platform WHMCS. Although the error was caught quickly, a limited number of clients, including some previous clients, may have received one or multiple erroneous invoices from us. Please note that these invoices have been voided and are NOT considered late or due as ... Read More »

6th Oct 2020
Public CentOS Repo Launched

Mean Servers is proud to announce that we have launched our first public CentOS repo in our Denver facility. This repo will not only help increase the availability of CentOS on our network, improving upgrade speeds, package installation, and more but also give back to the CentOS community. CentOS is one of our top operating systems requested and ... Read More »

7th Aug 2019
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