Reduce spam with the Mean Servers SBL

Mean Servers runs a DNSBL that specializes on spam received via addresses scrapped from public locations such as whois, domain records, and other locations email addresses are usually collected by spammers. You can use our blacklist free of charge regardless of how many users operate on your network. Our main DNS lookup server is

To integrate our spam blacklist system, you will need to add our DNS server to your lookup list in your mail system.

Note that this should be performed by a qualifed system administrator.

For cPanel:

Login to WHM as root and click Exim Configuration Manager from the left hand menu.

Click RBLs on the subsequent page from the top menu and then from the Manage Custom RBLs at the top of the next page, click Manage

On the new page, you will then be able to enter in the Mean Servers SBL information. For the following fields enter:

Rbl name: meanserverssbl
Rbl Info URL:
DNS List:

Click Add. The Mean Servers SBL has now been added successfully to your cPanel system but now needs to be enabled.

Go back to Exim Configuration Manager, click RBLs again and under the option Custom RBL: meanserverssbl move the selection from Off to On. Click Save. Your exim configuration will now be saved, rebuilt and the exim process restarted. The Mean Servers SBL is now active and protecting your email users from spam.

No additional configurations are necessary.

For Exim:

If you have a list of RBL's, you can add our DNS server to the bottom. At the very last entry, enter: < : \> without the brackets < >
then on a new line, type You can then restart exim and our SBL will be checked for known spammers.

If your Exim configuration is not checking against any lists at the moment (i.e. you cannot find anything resembling the following code), locate the ACL section and below begin acl and below an acl list such as check_recipient: OR acl_connect: (depends on the version of Exim you are running, consult the guide for details), insert the following:

# deny using mean servers sbl
deny message = Email blocked by $dnslist_domain ($dnslist_text)
dnslists =

This will make Exim lookup the sending IP address of the email received and if the IP address is in the Mean Servers SBL, the email will be rejected.

Have you been listed by the Mean Servers SBL? You can request removal by visiting Alternatively, spam entries expire automatically after 6 months. Note that if you hit our spamtraps multiple times, an additional month is added each time up to a maximum of one year. This ensures our SBL remains fresh and stale IP addresses no longer emitting spam are removed after enough time has passed.
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