How long before my order is setup?
Cloud Hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

These orders are provisioned instantly provided that you have passed our automated fraud check systems and have made payment in full.

*If you have ordered a control panel with your VPS order, it will be installed separately and usually within 24 hours. We ask that you do not use your VPS during this time if you have ordered a control panel as there is a high probability you will lose any information. Most control panels require a clean install. Please do not open a support ticket unless 24 hours has passed and you have not received a notification that your control panel is ready.

**Even passing our automated fraud check systems, we may require additional information from you when the manual checks are processed which may result in the suspension of your VPS if you do not respond in a timely fashion.

Dedicated Servers

We strive to fulfill dedicated server orders within 2 business days, in certain instances, it may take up to a week before your order is setup. Please note, you will be credited accordingly should your dedicated server not be ready within 1 business day. To help speed up the process, if paying by credit card, you MUST send us a copy of your credit card, both front and back, along with a copy of some sort of government issued identification. If your government issued identification does not have your current address or does not match the address give to us, you must also submit a copy of a recent utility bill.
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