Installing WHM and cPanel
When you order your WHM/cPanel license through Mean Servers, it is immediately licensed and ready for installation. Unless you have asked Mean Servers to install and configure WHM/cPanel for you, you must install and configure WHM/cPanel yourself. Mean Servers control panel install services are available for a one time fee of $39 and includes the configuration of security services. To install WHM/cPanel yourself, please follow this guide. Note that cPanel requires a 32-bit or 64-bit version of CentOS, CloudLinux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. cPanel will not operate on any other operating system.

1.) Login via SSH as root
2.) Run the following command: cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
3.) The install will take an hour to 90 minutes to complete
4.) Once the install is complete, you will need to login to WHM to finish the installation process. Your control panel will be located at https://<ipaddress>:2087 replacing <ipaddress> with the main IP address your services are located on.
5.) Follow the on screen instructions, you will be prompted for a variety of different features and functions, please be sure to read the help icons if you are unsure what each feature or requirement is.
6.) Once the inital configuration is complete, we highly recommend configuring the security services such as hulk and a firewall. If you have ordered Mean Servers installation services, we will configure all these services for you.

You are now all set to begin using WHM/cPanel. We recommend configuring any packages you might have next!

Need migration assistance? No problem, for only a $39 one time fee, we will manage your server migration for you. Zero downtime means a stress free migration to ensure you don't lose traffic, business, or money on that recently purchased AdWord campaign! Migrating to Mean Servers has never been easier, contact our sales staff today for additional information and to schedule your migration today.
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