SLA - Service Level Agreement

All of Mean Servers Limited's services are tailored for high availability. That is why all of our services come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It's simple, if our infrastructure goes down, we have failed you in our guarantee and you are entitled to compensation. Below are the fine details of our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

1.) Our Service Level Agreement does not cover downtime caused by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, planned maintenance, or emergency maintenance.

2.) Our Service Level Agreement does not cover downtime caused by DoS/DDOS (Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service) attacks if directed at your services UNLESS you have DDoS/DoS protection added to your account.

3.) Credit is calculated as follows, you are entitled to a credit of 1/30th of your monthly bill with Mean Servers affected by inaccessibility to your services for every 30 minutes of downtime.

Example: If you have two servers with us but only one is affected by the downtime, you cannot get credit for the services not affected by the downtime; only services affected by the downtime qualify for this credit. This goes to a maximum of 50% of the individual core services bill (some addons are exempt).

4.) Downtime is considered when you cannot reach your services due to network congestion resulting in greater than 10% packet loss, complete network failure, power failure, or hardware failure (excluding dedicated servers). We begin counting downtime from the minute you open a support ticket to the minute the problem is resolved, unless you have server management services in which case, it is our job to know there is a problem. We cannot help you if we do not know there is a problem.

5.) All services provided are unmanaged unless you purchase server management services. If downtime is the result of something the client or the client's users did to their machine; including but not limited to overloading, security vulnerabilities, DoS/DDoS attacks, misconfiguration, or anything else outside of Mean Servers control; no credit will be applied.

6.) This SLA also does not apply for those with a balance against their account, whether it is for the service in question or a different one. Our SLA does not cover accounts that have a discount code currently in use or non-standard plans not posted on our website. Those with management services or an SLA rider are exempt from this section.

7.) Mean Serves Limited may also suspend services of those abusing resources at its sole discretion if other clients resources are affected. No credit will be given to any user abusing server or network resources.

8.) In order to receive credit under this SLA, you must contact Mean Servers Limited within 48 hours of any suspected downtime. Mean Servers Limited will then investigate to determine if credit is owed.