Privacy Policy

Mean Servers Limited takes your privacy seriously and has implemented the following procedures to ensure your personal and company information stays safe.

1.) Mean Servers Limited uses cookies on our website to track usage on our site for analytical purposes. We use Google Analytics to help track our websites usage. The information we use for this purpose is used in aggregate and is not readily individually identifiable.

2.) Mean Servers Limited may also track your IP address via usage/error logs for analytical, error debugging, and fraud prevention purposes only

3.) Mean Servers Limited will never share your information with a third party without your explicit consent. The information you provide Mean Servers Limited upon commencement of services is used solely by Mean Servers Limited in connection with us serving you our services.

4.) Mean Servers Limited will only share your personal information with the proper government agencies with a valid, verifiable court order or when Mean Servers Limited suspects our services to be used for fraudulent purposes.

5.) Your credit card details are NOT stored in a database hosted by Mean Servers Limited but rather our payment processor Stripe. Stripe is PCI certified for the safe storage of your credit card information and is not decodable to us or anyone else at anytime.

6.) Mean Servers Limited reserves the right to update, amend, or change any part of this privacy policy at anytime with or without notice to the client. The version of the privacy policy here is the version of the privacy policy that applies.

7.) Mean Servers Limited will share your name, IP address, phone number, and email address with Fraud Record for Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy violations to help other hosts in determining your eligibility to receive services in the future. Mean Servers Limited also makes inquiries with Fraud Record to determine your eligibility to receive services from us.